Saturday, December 23, 2017

Looking at this past year, 2017

As the end of another year is days away, I reflect on my passion to share family history.  This blog has allowed me to share information and communication with all of you.  I has sharpened my resolve to continue searching and learning.

I have enjoyed meeting and talking with so many family members and friends, many of whom I have not spoken to in a very long time.

The meetings I had this past year at the Library were well attended. Many of you were not only interested in these two families but also in your own family lines.  My plans for next year are already in the making.  If you can't attend any of these meetings perhaps you'd like to subscribe to my blog.

You'll find the subscribe button at the bottom of this page. 

The Casa Navarro will celebrate Jose Antonio Navarro's Birthday on the 24th of February in style.  

Please come and meet me, as I would love meeting you.
I look forward to our continued communication in 2018.  

Thursday, December 21, 2017

2018 Who will I meet this year?

Your out there cousin, friends, you want to know more.  Let me help you discover more about your ancestry.

Like to join me in my efforts.  I would love that!

I have not set the coming year's meeting dates yet or the subject.
Let me know if there is something you would like to see or
learn about at one of my meetings.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Join the Friends of Casa Navarro

It's that time again!  Some of you might think that membership starts on or near Jose Antonio's Birthday, but it doesn't.  The actual official dues date is September 1st of each year.  So, if you haven't sent in your dues please do so a.s.a.p.  Those who wish to join may
do so by going to the website for the Friends,

We are currently addressing issues with the website like, updating to include information on the 2018 B-day Celebration at Casa Navarro.  I do hope all of you are excited and want to attend.

We, the Board of Directors of the Friends need your help.
We need all kinds of people.  I will list some of the
types of things you could help with:
You are a great coffee maker (assist at events)
You like serving people (we need you now)
You are an artist (make poster designs for events)
You are a great phone solicitor for donations (we need you now)
You like helping with kids (Casa museum needs help with tours)
You like advertising (we need that)
You know how to promote an organization (we need that)
You know how to acquire grants of all kinds (we need that)
You are computer savvy (we need you)
Your a writer (we need you now)
Your  have talent not mentioned (you know we need you) 
Just want to be a part of something great (we want you now)
We all have talents let's share them and make Friends a great organization.

Just who am I?  Well I am a proud 6th generation descendant as described in my biography.  I have been doing research about Jose Antonio Navarro since I was 15.  I am in contact with over 50 descendants and correspond with them on a routine basis.  A collection of my work was accepted by the Texan Room at the San Antonio Public Library in downtown San Antonio, Texas where you can go an access it.  My collection contains 26 files of material which I have collected over the years on Jose Antonio Navarro.  Just ask to see the Carol Cieszinski Collection on Jose Antonio Navarro.  And, if you would like to know if you are a family member, call me, that is what I am here for and I would be happy to help.  

Look forward to meeting you.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

What's next!

Just what is next you might be asking!

Right now I am concentrating on the festivities for the
300th Birthday of our city, San Antonio, Texas and the 
223th Birthday of a Texas patriot, Jose Antonio Navarro.

Myself with other Directors of the Friends of Casa Navarro 
are meeting to finalize our plans for Jose's B-day.  It will
be a glorious event.  Please plan on participating.  I will
be giving you details as to how you can be a part of this
event and have fun doing it.

It takes a lot of planning to make something this big happen.
We are always looking for people who want to join us in
what ever way they would like to contribute.  We all have
talents that can be lent to an event like this and especially to our organization that works diligently to make it a success.
You can contact me at anytime and I will be sure that you
are accepted into our fold.  If you are a descendant you are
encouraged to participate as you will learn about your ancestors this way and perpetuate the continued success of 
our organization the Friends of Casa Navarro.  So, please come
join in.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

3rd Meeting held

Today is October 16th.  This past Thursday the 12th of October I held my 3rd and final meeting for this year at the Collins Garden Public Library.  I had a minimum turnout, but effective anyway.  Those present enjoyed my talk on how to find your Texas Roots.  The meeting was productive in the fact that we shared a lot of information with each other giving credence for why I put on these meetings.  If it encourages a person to participate in any way.  I feel I have accomplished my goal.  There is a lot to gain from belonging to and being in an organization.

Let me tell you about the Friends of Casa Navarro Organization and their mission.  Not only do they support the State of Texas by providing small needs for the Casa.  They send volunteers like myself to help the site, which is educating the future patrons that come to visit. They also award at least one or two scholarships every year to a worthy college applicant who writes an essay on Jose Antonio Navarro.

The Friends of Casa Navarro is leading the effort to educate people about Jose Antonio Navarro. It is the members support that helps bring the Casa Navarro State Historical Landmark site to the forefront for all to experience just one of San Antonio's prominent citizens home.  This highlights how he and his family lived in the early 1800's here in America.  At the house you will learn about his contributions to not only the state of Texas but also how his humanity plays into the future.   

I've come up with some words that I feel express what Jose Antonio Navarro was all about.

I am printing these words on a business card for me to use.  

They are:
Believer in self, county and humanity.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Birthday Celebration

Hello again.  Back in July I was already getting you excited about the Corsican delegates that are coming to honor Angel Navarro.
Next week myself and several volunteers from the organization
Friends of Casa Navarro will be meeting to plan the agenda for
Jose Antonio Navarro's 223th B-day celebration in 2018.  2018 is the 300th birthday of the city of San Antonio.  The city is planning a year long celebration and will be welcoming visitors from all over the world.  

Casa Navarro is a partner in the 300th Celebration and is planning a spectacular day for you to enjoy. We are encouraging people of all ages to come in period dress.  So, if you'd like to come dressed as any of the citizens of San Antonio from the time period 1826 - 1836,  please do.  It will be fun for the children even to dress up.  The Casa Navarro has wonderful facilities so you can change out of your costume whenever you'd like.  We will have refreshments, entertainment and speakers with the highlight being our guest from Corsica.  Please come and be part of these festivities.  

In prelude of the Corsican's coming next year I will be having my
third meeting of this year again at the Collins Garden Library Community Room on Thursday, October the 12th from 6:30 to 7:30. I will have more information on the Corsican visitors and we will learn family history of our ancestors from Europe.  What an
exciting time.  I hope you will join me as I present to you how the
Corsican's visitors will impact our celebration on the 24th of February 2018. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Corsican Delegates Coming!

Here it is July 29, 2017 the year is flying by.  I want to tell you about what is happening for the Navarro, Ruiz families in the year of San Antonio's Tri-Centennial year.  On February 24th 2018
at 10 am in the morning festivities will start which will continue on until 4 pm.  All are welcomed and I invite you and your families to come and meet at last some honored guest from the Island of Corsica.  These delegates of 7 or 8 people will be here to honor Jose Antonio Navarro's father Angel Navarro who was born in Corsica. It promises to be an exciting day at his Landmark home on 228 S. Laredo St. San Antonio Texas.  We are encouraging anyone wishing to dress in time period (1717 - 1836) costumes to come and be part of this Tri-Centennial event.  The facilities at the Casa Navarro are such that you can change out of your costume, back into street clothes at anytime.  We will have music, Mariachi's, merriment, food, fellowship and just an all around good time.

Many of the people I have talked to already about this are so excited about the possibility for them to dress like their ancestors that they are looking at old photos and preparing to dress like them. I am so pleased that they are willing to come join me in this exciting day.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Last meeting at Collins Garden Public Library

Although the turn out was small again I believe we got a lot accomplished with those who attended.  Two people brought in information they were working on and we discussed and viewed a great photo of their ancestral great-great-great-grandmother.

My two guest speakers Socorro Morales and Linda Ramos spoke of their works so far and were especially interesting.  I wish you could have been there.  Please consider joining us next meeting which will be in October.  The subject will be the upcoming Feb. 24th, 2018 celebration of Jose Antonio Navarro's Birthday which is celebrated every year at his original home in downtown San Antonio, Texas. His actual Birthday is February 27, 1795.

It is remarkable that we are able to do this thanks to the help of the many institutions that continue to do this for us all.

Just why is Jose Antonio Navarro so important to history, not just Texas History you might ask?  Because what he did in his lifetime was so profound that we can only marvel at this one man's
abilities.  To me as a descendant I like to sum him up as a humanitarian.  He did so many things that history, especially Texas history notes are his accomplishment in Texas.  It is what he has
given the world that is propelling him into the spotlight of the present.  As some of you have previously read an earlier post.  My son-in-law pointed out to me that a quote by Jose Antonio Navarro is on the insert of world traveler's passports.

I do hope that you will be telling all of your friends and family to plan on attending the 2018 Tri-Centennial event.  I already have potential guest coming from California to stay with me.

Our organization, Friends of Casa Navarro, will have a pleasant surprise for all attending. Besides the ceremonies planned for the day there will be music, drinks, cake, food and a promise of fun for all.

Come meet our visitors from Corsica and have a good time.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Honoring a Texas Ranger

This weekend Linda Ramos and I went to a dedication by several organizations that were honoring a Texas Ranger of long ago, Antonio Coy (1799-1891) with a Texas Ranger Memorial Cross and other plaques that were placed at his grave site in San Fernando Cemetery No. 1 in San Antonio, Texas.

It was a lovely day for these prestige honors to be bestowed on Mr. Coy.  Many of his family descendants were present from as far away as Eastern Arkansas. The speaker at the ceremony
Mr. Rudi Rodriguez spoke elegantly of  Mr. Coy, as did the numerous other guest speakers from many fine San Antonio organizations.

Linda and I go to as many historical activities as we can attend.  It gives us a lot of pleasure to participate in these doing.  For those who don't know yet Linda Ramos descends from Francisco Ruiz's line of the Herrera family and I descend from the Texas patriot and nephew of Francisco, Jose Antonio Navarro, through the line of Celso Cornelio Navarro.  We have hooked up going to these events, actually it was at one such event that we met.  Our friendship grows
each day as we enjoy participating in Texas History events.  Anyone can attend these functions.  You just need to see when there will be one that would be of interest to you and go.  I hope you are getting encouraged to learn your family history.  If you have questions about anything just ask.

Until our next meeting here on my blog or at one of my meetings at Collins Garden Public Library.  Keep watching for my next May meeting. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Want to know how you connect?

Learn how to find your ancestors.  It's not as hard as you might think and it is truly rewarding.

Just wanting to let everyone know the date and time of our next meeting on Navarro/ Ruiz and other family genealogies.  You'll find that many families who originated in San Antonio tie into these two families.  We will help you find your relatives.  Soon you will be able to discover things about your family you never knew.  Please plan on coming early so we can meet and greet you before we get the round table discussions going.  It should be a fun and informative night.  Children are welcome, after all they are the next generations and we want to pass on to them the passion of "Wanting to Know."

That's what captured me.

We will be seated in a square facing each other for all to participate.  Joining me that night will be Mrs. Linda Ramos.  She descends from the Herrera branch of the Ruiz family. Bring what ever information that you already have.  We'll help you to get started searching for your ancestors.

College students doing research on Texas Tejanos, these two Texans, or how family genealogy is a worth while endeavor.  Come join us.

Meeting at Collins Garden Library, Monday night May 18th at 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm.  Let me know if you will be attending, by phone or my email.  There is no cost to get involved.

Carol Cieszinski 2104151912
Look forward to seeing you all.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Round Table discussion Navarro/Ruiz

Missed you at our first meeting for my blog followers, friends and all who love to learn about Mr. Navarro and Mr. Ruiz.  They were fantastic characters in the making of the great state of Texas.  My speakers spoke of each ones accomplishments making my meeting very worthwhile.

My next meeting at the same place Collins Garden Public Library will be held at night on May 16th  is a Tuesday night, which will allow those who work the opportunity to attend.  I will post the time on my blog so keep watching. The format for that meeting will be in the form of a Round Table.  I will have other Navarro and Ruiz family members present to answer and discuss with you anything you might be wondering about.  We will answer your questions and if we can't we will point you in the direction of where you can get the information you want.  It's not hard to find your ancestors you just have to start looking for them. You will find that your pursuit will be a rewarding one.   I still don't know how to make my blog have photos, so bear with me.  You can contact me anytime via e-mail. Please feel free to make comments on this post or any of my past post.  I welcome all who are interested.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Additions to the Navarro lines

Hello all.  I forgot to tell you of the newest Gottschalk's children that attended the dedication of the Casa Navarro as a National Historic Landmark this past Feb 25th 2017.  They are Brooke Tegan Smith and her older brother Warren Cooper Smith. Also there was Sterling Chase Gottschalk

We are all truly blessed to welcome them in to the Navarro family.  If there are some new Navarro's or Ruiz babies out there please comment to let us know about them.

It's fast approaching my Navarro/Ruiz forum I will be hosting at the Collins Garden Public Library Community Room just two weeks away on Mon. March 20, 2017 at 2 pm.  Please come join us in lively discussions of our family history.  My two speakers will be very informative about both Navarro and Ruiz.

The Casa Navarro is looking for people to support them in their efforts to award two $1,000.00 scholarships this year.  A donation is wonderful, but did you know that you can also attend the
actual awarding of this years recepients?  That's right your donation can get you a table with a meal at the event.  If your interested just give me a call 210-233-6684.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Casa Navarro receives National Historic Landmark

 It's official!  The home of Jose Antonio Navarro in downtown San Antonio is now a National Historic Landmark.  This will make this site be viewed for many years to come.

Being that I am so new to blogging I am not able to insert photos of that day.  But there is a blogspot poster who did do this, so I am referencing his blog for you to go see those photos. It is at  He did a fine job and I am please to reference him.

My next project is to hold a meeting on March 20, 2017 at the Collins Garden Public Library Community room.  Where I will be hosting a forum on Navarro and Ruiz family History and Genealogy.  Your invited to join us in finding your San Antonio roots.  There will be two speakers offering insight in to the lives of Jose Antonio Navarro and Francisco Ruiz.  These speakers will be Mr. David McDonald and Mr. Matt DeWaelsche.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Volunteers needed for Landmark ceremonies day.

Looking for volunteers to help at our upcoming February 25th, 2017 Birthday Celebration for the 222nd Birthday of Jose Antonio Navarro at his house.  We could use some help with the festivities like, serve the cake, make the coffee, set up chairs and tables, hang lighting from the tree on the grounds, greeters for the Welcome table, persons to man our table to encourage people to join our organization, the Friends of Casa Navarro, persons who can video tape the ceremony, photographers etc. If you'd like to participate please call me at. 210-415-1912

Jose Antonio Navarro's B-day Celebration

February 27 is Jose Antonio Navarro's birthday.  This year as always you are welcome to attend the celebration which will be held at Casa Navarro 128 Laredo St. in San Antonio Texas on Sat. Feb. 25, 2017. 

Something fabulous is happening this B-day.  The Casa Navarro will be receiving  National recognition, making it a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service.  Please come and be part of this joyous occasion.  We are looking for people who are interested in what is going on at the Casa and who want to join us by becoming members.  You've probably always wanted to get involved in one or more of the wonderful organizations that exist here in San Antonio.  Well there is no time like the present.

There's another wonderful thing that is happening for our organization. We will be sending a contingent of 12 delegates to represent the Navarro's and going to Corsica this September for the purpose of meeting with their delegates there in Corsica.  They will be sending fifteen delegated in Feb. of next year to honor the father of Jose Antonio Navarro, Angel Navarro who first came to San Antonio, Texas in the year 1777 from Corsica.  It is an exciting time.  I do hope you will want to join us and enjoy the festivities for these two events and many more.. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Met a wonderful lady and she is a Ruiz

I met a Lady named Linda Ramos.  She descends through the Ruiz line from Franciso (Don Poncho) Ruiz.  The Alcalde at the time of the Alamo.  Mr. Navarro and his Uncle Francisco Ruiz (father of "Don Poncho") were at Washington-on-the-Brazos working on and then signing the Texas Declaration of Independence.  Santa Ana knew these families from a young age.  In fact when he was a young man he had visited the home of the Navarro's and was infatuated with a young Navarro woman.  Unfortunately he was not allowed to court her which was a big disappointment to him.  When Santa Ana became an adult and a very successful military man he came back to San Antonio as General of the Mexican Army which brings him back to San Antonio in a very different capacity. He was leading this great army against the Alamo defenders who were on Mexican land.  The history books tell us why he ordered the Alcalde "Don Poncho" to burn the bodies of the Alamo Defenders.  It is said that this was a move to disgrace the names of Navarro and Ruiz for being on the American's side.

Linda and I now do many things together.  I once said to her, "I wondered why I had met you and why we hit it off so well."  I told her that it came to me that it was because we descend from these
two famous Texas families.

Other cousins I have met over the years have been Al Gerdes and his mother Angelina Gerdes, Adolph Herrera, Amelia Patino, Norberto Martinez, Richard Garcia, Tom Dowling, Gloria Goodman, Hank Pumyea, Jeannie Navarro, Barbara Dove, Jim Ligon, Lucia Navarro, Richard Cook, Everett Levell, Norma Hiblig, Louise Chilfone, John Ross, Lisa Blakely, Jessie Alvarado and numerous other Navarro and Ruiz family members.

My cousin Jessie Alvarado has moved back to Texas from Michigan and is currently building his home on Navarro land near Jordanton, Texas.  He plans on revitalizing some old ruins on the land that he said was probably the Navarro house (or ranch) .  He has some history on that area and plans to build a museum to share with people just what was going on in Texas on that land in those early 1800's.  Because I have met so many Navarro and Ruiz cousins I have been able to experience a lot of things.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Busy three days

The past three days were very busy for Linda Ramos, my Ruiz cousin and me. On January the 26th at 6 pm I was a speaker at the Somerset Historical Society meeting. I talked about how the Navarro's and Ruiz's were land owners in the area and that they lived in Atascosa and I told of my first ancestor Angel Navarro's early arrival to Texas from Corsica. Also in attendance was another of our cousins.   His name is Jessie Alvarado  Jessie added to the conversation during my presentation and handed out Navarro papers and photos for the attendees to look at.  It was very informative and I didn't mind my cousin adding to my presentation
after all it was about our ancestor Jose Antonio Navarro.  The next morning at 9 am we were on our way to Elmendorf, Texas where we would attend the grand opening of a new water processing plant that is going to give our city of San Antonio reverse osmosis water. It will tape three aquifers from the surrounding area.  The ceremony was very nice and we enjoyed a light breakfast. 

Then on Saturday we went to a meeting at  Del Carmen Church community room where we both brought things to share with the people attending about our ancestors two ancestors.  About the room were displays of genealogy, photos and other things. There was a man there who was scanning our papers to add to his work on Somerset and the surrounding communities. Today I am just resting.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Related family names

Hopefully you will see a connection to these families, Navarro and Ruiz.  They are the lines I descend from on my Mother, Rose Gottschalk's maiden name was Navarro.  This started our genealogical question descendants here in America.  To my knowledge no one has ever done our European genealogy on Navarro or Ruiz.  Anyone that has information this information and would be willing to share with me.  I would love that.

De Pisa, De La Pena, Flores, Ximenez, Garcia, Falcon, Riojas, Flores, Arispe, Balderas, Aguilar, Sanchez, Linn, Bueno, Del Rio, Herrera, Hernandez, Benavides, Barrera, Calderon, Gongora,
Perez, Sanchez, Patino,  Albury, Cervantes, Veramendi, Ahumada Carvajal, Ramon, Tobin,  Rario, Chaves, Cortinas, Ramires, Escalera, Cantu, Chaves, Holley, Worth, Oliveras, Edward, Herrera, Geyer, Cieszinski, Ballard, Aguilar, Canales, Friesenhan, Gomez, Rodriguez, Riley, Lavaque, Duke, Delgado Rosales, Lares, Castillo, Juarez. Kroll, Endress, Arrendondo, Gamez, Esparza, Dias, Talamantes, Westbrook, Peterson, Valdez, Cavazos, Miller, Whittaker, Serrano, Jacques, Anderson, Schaffer, Haack, Johnson, Jackson, Nieto, Blair, Coy, Donegan, Moore, Vaughn, Drews, Lutton, Hays, Skell, McBee, Higgerson, Madden, Collins, Court, Newton, Tschappatt, Quintanilla, Sarkis, Pfeil, Reyna, Welch, Smith, Escamilla, Ogden, Welch, Norman, Van Winkle, Lysons, Pendergrast, Orance, McGuirk, Barreras, Trevino, Lozano, Sandel, McCaffrey, Martin, Martinez, Grace, Dowling, Simmons, Guerra, Smallwood, Parrish, Langston, Ross, Wickman, Goodman, Luttrell, Izarrelli, Knapp, Peyton, Towler, Even, Leal, Dyer, Gil, Alfrido, Guilbeau, Magoeffin, Lopes, Villareal, Vela, Alvarez, Swisher, Gottschalk, Hughes, Canedo, Ponce, Pietruszynski, Hendrix, Baker, Otero, Ramos, Cass, Guerra, Parr, Saenz, Hinojosa, Vela, Ramires, Farias, Casillas, Lackner, Pullen, Mc Gee, Extrand, Schultz, Pratt. Lawson, Mc Gee, Ramon, Callaghan  Schewciew, Juarez, Longoria, Sanches, Diefenderfer, Quijano, Arciniega, Spania, Frazer, Vance, Burroughs, Carr, Bell, Murphy, Thorton, Rote, Prescott, Thornton, Biastrigo, Bueno, Cooke, Harris, Hagen, Black, Watson, Hampton, Speir, White, Moore, Forester, Wilson, Wright, Acuna, Davis, Tobin, Alvarado, Spania, Jimenez, Anderson, Kruger, Hoekstra, Castellamas, Uzagurrie, Leyendecker, Wilson, Haskins, D'Hamel, King, Lucas, Laytz, Pertain, Andree, Barkdull, Mass, Kahn, Simmone, Batt, McGrew, Carleton, Perron, Brassmer, Londard, Seguin, Menchaca, Perez, Ogden, Leal, Salinas, Tilitson, Westbrook. Falcon, Duran, Broadbent, Mellor, Roach, Tejada, Medina, Wood, Swisher, Bowie, Gutierrez, Winegeart, Long, Alarcon, Zepeda, Delgado, De la Zerda, Martines, Montes, Guilbeau, Grenet, Bledso, Beckner, Schmick, Henderson, Krezdorn, Cortez, Ackerman, Wells, Toland, Oliver, Tamez, Weeks, Piquelle, Gauthier, Mayers. Brooks, Travis, Battersby, Pumyea, Le Comte, Uhl, Houghton, Higgenbathum, Fahey, Cardenas, Longoria, Cromwell, Hook, Gibson, Parkey, Hill, Pereida, Reyes, Pope,
Alsbury, Duran, Silna, Dougherty, Levell, Acord, Lovett, Ligon, Greenberg, Williams, Tripodi, Chicano, Rossi,  Van Winkle, Bankson, Marasco, Tedrowe, Lasaulx,  Bush, Tabberer, Stephenson, Wood, Morales, Bustamante, Dunavant,  Waring, Aldin, Cox, Mazzantini, Zaepfel, Peyton, Knapp, Nichols, Hilbig, Vandevencer, Inouye, Blakely, Dove, Hendrix, Ligon, Patino,
Hurley, Chilfone, Callaghan, Gonzalez, Gonzales, Kirwan, Tapia.

These are just a few of the family names related to Navarro and Ruiz that I am aware of.  There are many many more.  So if your family roots are from San Antonio Texas, we are probably cousins.  Let's celebrate that as our city approaches its 300th B-day this coming year, 2018.  How wonderful is it that our ancestors were among the founding fathers and mothers of this great city.

Your cousin,

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Communication with family is my goal.

Still working on making this blog a success.  You can rest assured that my site is secure.  Security is a big deal.

It will be wonderful when I learn exactly how to use certain functions such as fonts, paint, importing photos, and different gadgets that will allow me to do so many more things for my blog.

I'm a novice at this.  I feel that what I am doing is important, as my goal is to get people communicating with each other.  We came from many previous generation of people.  They are who made us.  

When I reveal to you just how many family names are related to me you will be amazed.  Hopefully, you will see your ancestors name listed in the my next post.  

If there is something you'd like to see in my post just let me know.

The Navarro and Ruiz families are very important in Texas History.  Together we will share information that I hope others will find as intriguing as Linda and I do.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Find out here!

Do you have questions?  Things aout your family history or genealogy you wish you had answers to.  Well this is the place to ask that question.  If I don't have it for you I can direct you to someone ho can.  Like you.  I have also been searching for family information.  You will find that I can be most helpful to you and your search.  I still have questions I am asking, but haven't found my answer.  I guess that is what makes it so interesting the paths along the way lead me to  getting to know people with the same fervour.

National recognition for Jose Antonio Navarro

The world is recognizing my great ancestor Jose Antonio Navarro currently in many ways.  I am going to tell you about three of them.  The first is that his home in San Antonio, Texas which currently is a State Historical site has now been designated as a National Historic site in San Antonio, Texas.  The second was brought to my attention by my son-in-law who is a world traveler for his work.  While visiting my daughter and him.  He told me he had something he wanted to show me. Also on this visit was my sister Linda.  I have to mention her because of how this story goes.  He went into his house and brought out an opened passport to the section where there were additional pages and handed it to me.  I was looking at the open passport wondering what was it I was suppose to see.  I was thinking of the usual, stamps of the various places around the world since he had traveled to so extensively I wasn't seeing what he wanted me to see.  He then said, "You don't see it do you?"  I didn't. He then said, "Give it to Linda."  When I did she said, "Oh! my God!  She then handed it back to me and pointed out what I had missed.  On the top of those additional pages were quotes from famous people, like Abraham Lincoln, among others, and there was Jose Antonio Navarro's quote, "I have sworn to be a Texan and that I will never forswear."  I was amazed.

The third recognition is about what is coming in the year 2018 as San Antonio celebrates it's 300th birthday.  The country of Corsica, France is sending a delegation of 15 people to honor Jose's father Angel Navarro who was born in Corsica in about 1748.  They will be coming to visit the organization that I am a Director in.  It is called Friends of Casa Navarro. The Casa Navarro is located on 228 Laredo St. in San Antonio, Texas and can be visited 6 days a week.  They are closed on Mondays.  If you come to visit San Antonio and see all of it's history and wonders please stop by the Casa Navarro and learn of this famous Texan and all he did.  Tell them I told you about it.    

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mother of Jose Antonio Navarro


I've started this blog about two very famous families from Texas who are very important to our State of Texas, as early settlers in San Antonio, who became very involved in the movement to make Texas a free nation from Mexico.  Did you know that they were related?  Franciso Ruiz was Jose Antonio Navarro's Uncle on his mother's side. Jose's mother was Franciscos sister.  They both were in the Texas Legislature and represented Texas in its most dire hours. Jose's mother's name was Maria Josefa Ruiz.

I have been involved with the Navarro House in San Antonio, Texas which is 
now known as Casa Navarro, since I was 15 years old.  It is my goal with this blog to bring all people together who wish to know about these two gentlemen and their accomplishments and their place in not only Texas history but how they effect the world.  Secondly I want to create a forum
for all those wishing to know about them and possibly how they might even be related to these two families.  I will post periodically things about them, hopefully you will follow my blog and enjoy my writing.  I plan to have a gathering meeting for my followers 3 times a year.  March 20, 2017, May 15, 2017 and October 9, 2017 respectfully.  I will announce the meeting place later.  It will be for the usual one hour with speakers on the subject of the Navarro Family or the Ruiz family.
Its purpose will be to discuss any number of family related matters.

Please join me and tell you friends.