Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Time is here. Just taking it easy.

Not too much going on right now.  I'm doing some research here
in San Antonio and in Somerset on Ruiz and Navarro projects.
Meeting with Mary Ann Oliver next week to work of a photo
project.  Some of you might know of.  It's about the photo in 1960
of the people who attended the saving of the Casa Navarro by
the San Antonio Conservation Society. I am in that photo and I am
only 14 years old going on 15.  The schematic that tells you who
the people are in the photo is what we are working on.  We have learned of a few of the missing names, so we are going to update
the schematic.

Another point of interest for some of you who don't already know
is that Jose Antonio Navarro and one of his quoted sayings in on
one of the pages of the insert for the United States Passport.  This
fact was pointed out to me by my son-in-law Terry Endress who
travels the world extensively.  This goes to show just how important Jose's work and accomplishments are to the world.
You can look it up on the internet.
Hope everyone is keeping cool and enjoying this summer.