Sunday, January 29, 2017

Busy three days

The past three days were very busy for Linda Ramos, my Ruiz cousin and me. On January the 26th at 6 pm I was a speaker at the Somerset Historical Society meeting. I talked about how the Navarro's and Ruiz's were land owners in the area and that they lived in Atascosa and I told of my first ancestor Angel Navarro's early arrival to Texas from Corsica. Also in attendance was another of our cousins.   His name is Jessie Alvarado  Jessie added to the conversation during my presentation and handed out Navarro papers and photos for the attendees to look at.  It was very informative and I didn't mind my cousin adding to my presentation
after all it was about our ancestor Jose Antonio Navarro.  The next morning at 9 am we were on our way to Elmendorf, Texas where we would attend the grand opening of a new water processing plant that is going to give our city of San Antonio reverse osmosis water. It will tape three aquifers from the surrounding area.  The ceremony was very nice and we enjoyed a light breakfast. 

Then on Saturday we went to a meeting at  Del Carmen Church community room where we both brought things to share with the people attending about our ancestors two ancestors.  About the room were displays of genealogy, photos and other things. There was a man there who was scanning our papers to add to his work on Somerset and the surrounding communities. Today I am just resting.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Related family names

Hopefully you will see a connection to these families, Navarro and Ruiz.  They are the lines I descend from on my Mother, Rose Gottschalk's maiden name was Navarro.  This started our genealogical question descendants here in America.  To my knowledge no one has ever done our European genealogy on Navarro or Ruiz.  Anyone that has information this information and would be willing to share with me.  I would love that.

De Pisa, De La Pena, Flores, Ximenez, Garcia, Falcon, Riojas, Flores, Arispe, Balderas, Aguilar, Sanchez, Linn, Bueno, Del Rio, Herrera, Hernandez, Benavides, Barrera, Calderon, Gongora,
Perez, Sanchez, Patino,  Albury, Cervantes, Veramendi, Ahumada Carvajal, Ramon, Tobin,  Rario, Chaves, Cortinas, Ramires, Escalera, Cantu, Chaves, Holley, Worth, Oliveras, Edward, Herrera, Geyer, Cieszinski, Ballard, Aguilar, Canales, Friesenhan, Gomez, Rodriguez, Riley, Lavaque, Duke, Delgado Rosales, Lares, Castillo, Juarez. Kroll, Endress, Arrendondo, Gamez, Esparza, Dias, Talamantes, Westbrook, Peterson, Valdez, Cavazos, Miller, Whittaker, Serrano, Jacques, Anderson, Schaffer, Haack, Johnson, Jackson, Nieto, Blair, Coy, Donegan, Moore, Vaughn, Drews, Lutton, Hays, Skell, McBee, Higgerson, Madden, Collins, Court, Newton, Tschappatt, Quintanilla, Sarkis, Pfeil, Reyna, Welch, Smith, Escamilla, Ogden, Welch, Norman, Van Winkle, Lysons, Pendergrast, Orance, McGuirk, Barreras, Trevino, Lozano, Sandel, McCaffrey, Martin, Martinez, Grace, Dowling, Simmons, Guerra, Smallwood, Parrish, Langston, Ross, Wickman, Goodman, Luttrell, Izarrelli, Knapp, Peyton, Towler, Even, Leal, Dyer, Gil, Alfrido, Guilbeau, Magoeffin, Lopes, Villareal, Vela, Alvarez, Swisher, Gottschalk, Hughes, Canedo, Ponce, Pietruszynski, Hendrix, Baker, Otero, Ramos, Cass, Guerra, Parr, Saenz, Hinojosa, Vela, Ramires, Farias, Casillas, Lackner, Pullen, Mc Gee, Extrand, Schultz, Pratt. Lawson, Mc Gee, Ramon, Callaghan  Schewciew, Juarez, Longoria, Sanches, Diefenderfer, Quijano, Arciniega, Spania, Frazer, Vance, Burroughs, Carr, Bell, Murphy, Thorton, Rote, Prescott, Thornton, Biastrigo, Bueno, Cooke, Harris, Hagen, Black, Watson, Hampton, Speir, White, Moore, Forester, Wilson, Wright, Acuna, Davis, Tobin, Alvarado, Spania, Jimenez, Anderson, Kruger, Hoekstra, Castellamas, Uzagurrie, Leyendecker, Wilson, Haskins, D'Hamel, King, Lucas, Laytz, Pertain, Andree, Barkdull, Mass, Kahn, Simmone, Batt, McGrew, Carleton, Perron, Brassmer, Londard, Seguin, Menchaca, Perez, Ogden, Leal, Salinas, Tilitson, Westbrook. Falcon, Duran, Broadbent, Mellor, Roach, Tejada, Medina, Wood, Swisher, Bowie, Gutierrez, Winegeart, Long, Alarcon, Zepeda, Delgado, De la Zerda, Martines, Montes, Guilbeau, Grenet, Bledso, Beckner, Schmick, Henderson, Krezdorn, Cortez, Ackerman, Wells, Toland, Oliver, Tamez, Weeks, Piquelle, Gauthier, Mayers. Brooks, Travis, Battersby, Pumyea, Le Comte, Uhl, Houghton, Higgenbathum, Fahey, Cardenas, Longoria, Cromwell, Hook, Gibson, Parkey, Hill, Pereida, Reyes, Pope,
Alsbury, Duran, Silna, Dougherty, Levell, Acord, Lovett, Ligon, Greenberg, Williams, Tripodi, Chicano, Rossi,  Van Winkle, Bankson, Marasco, Tedrowe, Lasaulx,  Bush, Tabberer, Stephenson, Wood, Morales, Bustamante, Dunavant,  Waring, Aldin, Cox, Mazzantini, Zaepfel, Peyton, Knapp, Nichols, Hilbig, Vandevencer, Inouye, Blakely, Dove, Hendrix, Ligon, Patino,
Hurley, Chilfone, Callaghan, Gonzalez, Gonzales, Kirwan, Tapia.

These are just a few of the family names related to Navarro and Ruiz that I am aware of.  There are many many more.  So if your family roots are from San Antonio Texas, we are probably cousins.  Let's celebrate that as our city approaches its 300th B-day this coming year, 2018.  How wonderful is it that our ancestors were among the founding fathers and mothers of this great city.

Your cousin,

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Communication with family is my goal.

Still working on making this blog a success.  You can rest assured that my site is secure.  Security is a big deal.

It will be wonderful when I learn exactly how to use certain functions such as fonts, paint, importing photos, and different gadgets that will allow me to do so many more things for my blog.

I'm a novice at this.  I feel that what I am doing is important, as my goal is to get people communicating with each other.  We came from many previous generation of people.  They are who made us.  

When I reveal to you just how many family names are related to me you will be amazed.  Hopefully, you will see your ancestors name listed in the my next post.  

If there is something you'd like to see in my post just let me know.

The Navarro and Ruiz families are very important in Texas History.  Together we will share information that I hope others will find as intriguing as Linda and I do.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Find out here!

Do you have questions?  Things aout your family history or genealogy you wish you had answers to.  Well this is the place to ask that question.  If I don't have it for you I can direct you to someone ho can.  Like you.  I have also been searching for family information.  You will find that I can be most helpful to you and your search.  I still have questions I am asking, but haven't found my answer.  I guess that is what makes it so interesting the paths along the way lead me to  getting to know people with the same fervour.

National recognition for Jose Antonio Navarro

The world is recognizing my great ancestor Jose Antonio Navarro currently in many ways.  I am going to tell you about three of them.  The first is that his home in San Antonio, Texas which currently is a State Historical site has now been designated as a National Historic site in San Antonio, Texas.  The second was brought to my attention by my son-in-law who is a world traveler for his work.  While visiting my daughter and him.  He told me he had something he wanted to show me. Also on this visit was my sister Linda.  I have to mention her because of how this story goes.  He went into his house and brought out an opened passport to the section where there were additional pages and handed it to me.  I was looking at the open passport wondering what was it I was suppose to see.  I was thinking of the usual, stamps of the various places around the world since he had traveled to so extensively I wasn't seeing what he wanted me to see.  He then said, "You don't see it do you?"  I didn't. He then said, "Give it to Linda."  When I did she said, "Oh! my God!  She then handed it back to me and pointed out what I had missed.  On the top of those additional pages were quotes from famous people, like Abraham Lincoln, among others, and there was Jose Antonio Navarro's quote, "I have sworn to be a Texan and that I will never forswear."  I was amazed.

The third recognition is about what is coming in the year 2018 as San Antonio celebrates it's 300th birthday.  The country of Corsica, France is sending a delegation of 15 people to honor Jose's father Angel Navarro who was born in Corsica in about 1748.  They will be coming to visit the organization that I am a Director in.  It is called Friends of Casa Navarro. The Casa Navarro is located on 228 Laredo St. in San Antonio, Texas and can be visited 6 days a week.  They are closed on Mondays.  If you come to visit San Antonio and see all of it's history and wonders please stop by the Casa Navarro and learn of this famous Texan and all he did.  Tell them I told you about it.    

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mother of Jose Antonio Navarro


I've started this blog about two very famous families from Texas who are very important to our State of Texas, as early settlers in San Antonio, who became very involved in the movement to make Texas a free nation from Mexico.  Did you know that they were related?  Franciso Ruiz was Jose Antonio Navarro's Uncle on his mother's side. Jose's mother was Franciscos sister.  They both were in the Texas Legislature and represented Texas in its most dire hours. Jose's mother's name was Maria Josefa Ruiz.

I have been involved with the Navarro House in San Antonio, Texas which is 
now known as Casa Navarro, since I was 15 years old.  It is my goal with this blog to bring all people together who wish to know about these two gentlemen and their accomplishments and their place in not only Texas history but how they effect the world.  Secondly I want to create a forum
for all those wishing to know about them and possibly how they might even be related to these two families.  I will post periodically things about them, hopefully you will follow my blog and enjoy my writing.  I plan to have a gathering meeting for my followers 3 times a year.  March 20, 2017, May 15, 2017 and October 9, 2017 respectfully.  I will announce the meeting place later.  It will be for the usual one hour with speakers on the subject of the Navarro Family or the Ruiz family.
Its purpose will be to discuss any number of family related matters.

Please join me and tell you friends.