Saturday, June 3, 2017

Last meeting at Collins Garden Public Library

Although the turn out was small again I believe we got a lot accomplished with those who attended.  Two people brought in information they were working on and we discussed and viewed a great photo of their ancestral great-great-great-grandmother.

My two guest speakers Socorro Morales and Linda Ramos spoke of their works so far and were especially interesting.  I wish you could have been there.  Please consider joining us next meeting which will be in October.  The subject will be the upcoming Feb. 24th, 2018 celebration of Jose Antonio Navarro's Birthday which is celebrated every year at his original home in downtown San Antonio, Texas. His actual Birthday is February 27, 1795.

It is remarkable that we are able to do this thanks to the help of the many institutions that continue to do this for us all.

Just why is Jose Antonio Navarro so important to history, not just Texas History you might ask?  Because what he did in his lifetime was so profound that we can only marvel at this one man's
abilities.  To me as a descendant I like to sum him up as a humanitarian.  He did so many things that history, especially Texas history notes are his accomplishment in Texas.  It is what he has
given the world that is propelling him into the spotlight of the present.  As some of you have previously read an earlier post.  My son-in-law pointed out to me that a quote by Jose Antonio Navarro is on the insert of world traveler's passports.

I do hope that you will be telling all of your friends and family to plan on attending the 2018 Tri-Centennial event.  I already have potential guest coming from California to stay with me.

Our organization, Friends of Casa Navarro, will have a pleasant surprise for all attending. Besides the ceremonies planned for the day there will be music, drinks, cake, food and a promise of fun for all.

Come meet our visitors from Corsica and have a good time.