Monday, March 4, 2019

Flores Family of Texas

How is this for an old photo of some of our relatives.  This is a Flores family.  You might connect to one of these as I do; being that my ancestor Margarita de la Garza was a Flores on her mother's side.

Did you know that you can search for your loved ones on the
internet a site called, if they have already passed.  
Also available to everyone is access to at your
local library for free.  Just ask your librarian to help you get 

Anyone wishing to have your discovers posted on my site
can contact me at my e-mail address of

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Great Birthday Celebration

March 3rd 2019 More than 150 people attended our ancestor Jose Antonio Navarro's
224th Birthday Celebration.  Three Scholarships were given out, to deserving students. We had a membership table and continuing with a new addition to our programing at our events was a  Genealogy table, which was maned by me, Carol Cieszinski.  I was able to talk to 15 persons inquiring about their connection to Navarro or Ruiz. I hope they liked the information I gave them along and the hand outs. I enjoyed our conversations and hope they will be joining us soon. One of the things I like to tell people who searching for their roots is to always ask questions.  It will help you in your quest and be most enlightening.
The food, the fun and the 16 piece Mariachi Band from U.T.S.A. delighted us all.

Mr. Paul Garcia, a photographer took many photos of the event.  If you'd like to view them please go to!AqSjUoQQPjG9g6ULRmQ_9VpLrp6jjQ   Below is one of those photos.