Saturday, July 29, 2017

Corsican Delegates Coming!

Here it is July 29, 2017 the year is flying by.  I want to tell you about what is happening for the Navarro, Ruiz families in the year of San Antonio's Tri-Centennial year.  On February 24th 2018
at 10 am in the morning festivities will start which will continue on until 4 pm.  All are welcomed and I invite you and your families to come and meet at last some honored guest from the Island of Corsica.  These delegates of 7 or 8 people will be here to honor Jose Antonio Navarro's father Angel Navarro who was born in Corsica. It promises to be an exciting day at his Landmark home on 228 S. Laredo St. San Antonio Texas.  We are encouraging anyone wishing to dress in time period (1717 - 1836) costumes to come and be part of this Tri-Centennial event.  The facilities at the Casa Navarro are such that you can change out of your costume, back into street clothes at anytime.  We will have music, Mariachi's, merriment, food, fellowship and just an all around good time.

Many of the people I have talked to already about this are so excited about the possibility for them to dress like their ancestors that they are looking at old photos and preparing to dress like them. I am so pleased that they are willing to come join me in this exciting day.