Sunday, October 15, 2017

3rd Meeting held

Today is October 16th.  This past Thursday the 12th of October I held my 3rd and final meeting for this year at the Collins Garden Public Library.  I had a minimum turnout, but effective anyway.  Those present enjoyed my talk on how to find your Texas Roots.  The meeting was productive in the fact that we shared a lot of information with each other giving credence for why I put on these meetings.  If it encourages a person to participate in any way.  I feel I have accomplished my goal.  There is a lot to gain from belonging to and being in an organization.

Let me tell you about the Friends of Casa Navarro Organization and their mission.  Not only do they support the State of Texas by providing small needs for the Casa.  They send volunteers like myself to help the site, which is educating the future patrons that come to visit. They also award at least one or two scholarships every year to a worthy college applicant who writes an essay on Jose Antonio Navarro.

The Friends of Casa Navarro is leading the effort to educate people about Jose Antonio Navarro. It is the members support that helps bring the Casa Navarro State Historical Landmark site to the forefront for all to experience just one of San Antonio's prominent citizens home.  This highlights how he and his family lived in the early 1800's here in America.  At the house you will learn about his contributions to not only the state of Texas but also how his humanity plays into the future.   

I've come up with some words that I feel express what Jose Antonio Navarro was all about.

I am printing these words on a business card for me to use.  

They are:
Believer in self, county and humanity.