Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Casa Navarro receives National Historic Landmark

 It's official!  The home of Jose Antonio Navarro in downtown San Antonio is now a National Historic Landmark.  This will make this site be viewed for many years to come.

Being that I am so new to blogging I am not able to insert photos of that day.  But there is a blogspot poster who did do this, so I am referencing his blog for you to go see those photos. It is at walkerreport.blogspot.com.  He did a fine job and I am please to reference him.

My next project is to hold a meeting on March 20, 2017 at the Collins Garden Public Library Community room.  Where I will be hosting a forum on Navarro and Ruiz family History and Genealogy.  Your invited to join us in finding your San Antonio roots.  There will be two speakers offering insight in to the lives of Jose Antonio Navarro and Francisco Ruiz.  These speakers will be Mr. David McDonald and Mr. Matt DeWaelsche.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Volunteers needed for Landmark ceremonies day.

Looking for volunteers to help at our upcoming February 25th, 2017 Birthday Celebration for the 222nd Birthday of Jose Antonio Navarro at his house.  We could use some help with the festivities like, serve the cake, make the coffee, set up chairs and tables, hang lighting from the tree on the grounds, greeters for the Welcome table, persons to man our table to encourage people to join our organization, the Friends of Casa Navarro, persons who can video tape the ceremony, photographers etc. If you'd like to participate please call me at. 210-415-1912

Jose Antonio Navarro's B-day Celebration

February 27 is Jose Antonio Navarro's birthday.  This year as always you are welcome to attend the celebration which will be held at Casa Navarro 128 Laredo St. in San Antonio Texas on Sat. Feb. 25, 2017. 

Something fabulous is happening this B-day.  The Casa Navarro will be receiving  National recognition, making it a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service.  Please come and be part of this joyous occasion.  We are looking for people who are interested in what is going on at the Casa and who want to join us by becoming members.  You've probably always wanted to get involved in one or more of the wonderful organizations that exist here in San Antonio.  Well there is no time like the present.

There's another wonderful thing that is happening for our organization. We will be sending a contingent of 12 delegates to represent the Navarro's and going to Corsica this September for the purpose of meeting with their delegates there in Corsica.  They will be sending fifteen delegated in Feb. of next year to honor the father of Jose Antonio Navarro, Angel Navarro who first came to San Antonio, Texas in the year 1777 from Corsica.  It is an exciting time.  I do hope you will want to join us and enjoy the festivities for these two events and many more.. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Met a wonderful lady and she is a Ruiz

I met a Lady named Linda Ramos.  She descends through the Ruiz line from Franciso (Don Poncho) Ruiz.  The Alcalde at the time of the Alamo.  Mr. Navarro and his Uncle Francisco Ruiz (father of "Don Poncho") were at Washington-on-the-Brazos working on and then signing the Texas Declaration of Independence.  Santa Ana knew these families from a young age.  In fact when he was a young man he had visited the home of the Navarro's and was infatuated with a young Navarro woman.  Unfortunately he was not allowed to court her which was a big disappointment to him.  When Santa Ana became an adult and a very successful military man he came back to San Antonio as General of the Mexican Army which brings him back to San Antonio in a very different capacity. He was leading this great army against the Alamo defenders who were on Mexican land.  The history books tell us why he ordered the Alcalde "Don Poncho" to burn the bodies of the Alamo Defenders.  It is said that this was a move to disgrace the names of Navarro and Ruiz for being on the American's side.

Linda and I now do many things together.  I once said to her, "I wondered why I had met you and why we hit it off so well."  I told her that it came to me that it was because we descend from these
two famous Texas families.

Other cousins I have met over the years have been Al Gerdes and his mother Angelina Gerdes, Adolph Herrera, Amelia Patino, Norberto Martinez, Richard Garcia, Tom Dowling, Gloria Goodman, Hank Pumyea, Jeannie Navarro, Barbara Dove, Jim Ligon, Lucia Navarro, Richard Cook, Everett Levell, Norma Hiblig, Louise Chilfone, John Ross, Lisa Blakely, Jessie Alvarado and numerous other Navarro and Ruiz family members.

My cousin Jessie Alvarado has moved back to Texas from Michigan and is currently building his home on Navarro land near Jordanton, Texas.  He plans on revitalizing some old ruins on the land that he said was probably the Navarro house (or ranch) .  He has some history on that area and plans to build a museum to share with people just what was going on in Texas on that land in those early 1800's.  Because I have met so many Navarro and Ruiz cousins I have been able to experience a lot of things.