Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Join the Friends of Casa Navarro

It's that time again!  Some of you might think that membership starts on or near Jose Antonio's Birthday, but it doesn't.  The actual official dues date is September 1st of each year.  So, if you haven't sent in your dues please do so a.s.a.p.  Those who wish to join may
do so by going to the website for the Friends, friendsofcasanavarro.org.

We are currently addressing issues with the website like, updating to include information on the 2018 B-day Celebration at Casa Navarro.  I do hope all of you are excited and want to attend.

We, the Board of Directors of the Friends need your help.
We need all kinds of people.  I will list some of the
types of things you could help with:
You are a great coffee maker (assist at events)
You like serving people (we need you now)
You are an artist (make poster designs for events)
You are a great phone solicitor for donations (we need you now)
You like helping with kids (Casa museum needs help with tours)
You like advertising (we need that)
You know how to promote an organization (we need that)
You know how to acquire grants of all kinds (we need that)
You are computer savvy (we need you)
Your a writer (we need you now)
Your  have talent not mentioned (you know we need you) 
Just want to be a part of something great (we want you now)
We all have talents let's share them and make Friends a great organization.

Just who am I?  Well I am a proud 6th generation descendant as described in my biography.  I have been doing research about Jose Antonio Navarro since I was 15.  I am in contact with over 50 descendants and correspond with them on a routine basis.  A collection of my work was accepted by the Texan Room at the San Antonio Public Library in downtown San Antonio, Texas where you can go an access it.  My collection contains 26 files of material which I have collected over the years on Jose Antonio Navarro.  Just ask to see the Carol Cieszinski Collection on Jose Antonio Navarro.  And, if you would like to know if you are a family member, call me, that is what I am here for and I would be happy to help.  

Look forward to meeting you.

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