Thursday, September 19, 2019

Annual Friends of Casa Navarro Meeting less than a month away.

Hello everyone.  Just a reminder that our annual meeting is approaching.  This will be important because you will learn
what 2020 will be to Casa Navarro.  With it's new neighbors about to start construction for the New Federal Court house and the
future of UTSA downtown expansion all around us.  How exciting
you will hear all about it at this meeting.  

Check out my photos page.  If you don't see something you'd like
to see here please send it to me in a jpg, gif or a png and I will post it.  I have a documents file also.  You might find that interesting so
check out my site.  Their are at least 2 years of posting I've done.  

1999 Navarro Reunion
in Brackenridge Park
San Antonio, Texas

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